For Individuals & Households

Hackers don’t care if you have work to do. They want what you have.

Cyber threats happen whether you’re aware of them or not. Stay protected with The Sentinel Box.

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Are hackers already inside your home?

Get The Sentinel Box and find out.

Join the Secure Sentinel Network.

Why you need the Sentinel Box for the Ultimate in Cybersecurity

You’re not an IT specialist, but you deserve protection like one. That is why The Sentinel Box was created. Stay protected by a Defensive Sentinel Swarm that continuously monitors your devices.

Top Cyber Security Risks

  • Ransomware attacks
  • Phishing attacks
  • Identity theft
  • Cloud vulnerabilities

Cyber Protection for

  • Working Professionals
  • College Students
  • Individuals/Households
  • Traveling or Work From Home

Do cyberattacks really impact us?

Yes, they really do! You may not realize it but cyberattacks can threaten you in ways you may not expect. The Colonial Pipeline attack in 2021 is a great example. Although hackers hit a large corporation, the effects of that cyberattack trickled down to impact several states in the southeastern US.

What Happened?

The hacker group DarkSide spread malicious software to Colonial Pipeline’s computer.

After being attacked, Colonial Pipeline paid a $4.4 Million ransom.

The attack resulted in all pipeline operations being halted (which impacted nearly 12,000 gas stations directly).

Read the full story in our blog.

Colonial Pipeline System Map

Colonial Pipeline System Map
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Secure your business & protect yourself against cyber threats.
Guard your data now with the Sentinel Box.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Customize your box to meet your device’s needs.


Connect your box to your computer network.



Turn your sentinels on to divert crime and protect your digital property.

What you get with your Sentinel Box Protection


An individualized Sentinel Box with hardware and software to meet your security requirements.


We will assemble, build and do an onsite assembly visit.


Your Sentinel Box Protection services include

  • 24/7 monitoring & ongoing support
  • Cyber notification system
  • Cyber Disaster Plan
  • Continuous system updates
  • All future hardware updates
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Protect yourself with the all-inclusive Sentinel Wireless Bastion!

Get the strongest protection with our all-inclusive subscription-based Secure-Wireless-as-a-Service (SWaaS). With the Sentinel Wireless Bastion, you get:

  • Hardware and software, including WAPs, network switching, and appropriate mounting hardware

  • Our proprietary Secure Sentinel Network cybersecurity architecture

  • Initial Cybersecurity & Network Assessment

  • Individualized Decoy & “Trap” workloads, called “Sentinels”, which are camouflaged to match & blend in with YOUR actual network

  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support of all deployed SWB instances

  • Onsite Cyber911 Support, as requested

Monthly Subscriptions starting at $50 per month!

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