The Sentinel Box: Making the World Safe from Ransomware & Cyberattacks

The FBI reported 847,376 cybercrimes in 2021

Cybercrime resulted in losses of $6.9 Billion

Top scams: Phishing, Data Breach & Identity Theft

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Digital Honey Comb with Laptop in Center
Cyber Bees

Honey Attracts Bees. Bees Sting.

Your Personal Data
Attracts Cyber Criminals.
Their Sting Hurts Way More.

Your computer is full of sweet personal data that attracts cybercrime nearly 2,244 times a day according to statistic sources.

That's a cyberattack every 30 seconds.

What Does Cybercrime Look Like?



Malicious software, or malware, that encrypts data rendering it useless. Data is held hostage.

Data Breach

Data Breach

Sensitive information is stolen. Data can be viewed, lost, transmitted or used for malicious intent.

Phishing Schemes

Phishing Schemes

Fraudulent emails seemingly sent from reputable companies to attain your personal information. Attempt to steal your password or credit card number.

Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Someone steals your personal information to commit fraud. Common types are financial, medical and online.

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Stop The Cyber Sting

Guard Your Digital Property with
Sentinel Forge Technologies.

We set up virtual traps to attract Cyber Criminals and capture them before they get to your data.

Secure your business & protect yourself against cyber threats.
Guard your data now with the Sentinel Box.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Customize your box to meet your device’s needs.


Connect your box to your computer network.



Turn your sentinels on to divert crime and protect your digital property.

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