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As our world becomes increasingly digital, cyber threats will become even more common and complex. 

From identity theft to data breaches, cybercriminals can cause significant harm to individuals, families, and businesses. In many cases, the impact of cyber threats can be just as devastating as a physical emergency, and the need for a quick response is just as urgent. 

So when cyber threats and cyber attacks happen, who you gonna call? 👻 

Is there a Cyber 911?

That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this post and related video—the what, the who, and the where (to go!) surrounding cyber threats to you, your family, your business, and your community.

Let’s start with the basics.

So Exactly What Is a Cyber Emergency?

A cyber emergency or threat can come in many forms. Some common examples include ransomware attacks on businesses and phishing scams that target individuals. 

Just like a real-life emergency, a cyber emergency requires immediate attention and action. 

However, unlike a traditional emergency, many people may not know where to turn for help.

Who is Impacted by Cyber Threats?

Everyone is vulnerable to cyber threats, including people, families, Maryland farmers, and businesses. And as cybersecurity technology solutions evolve, cybercriminals are constantly honing their tactics, making it increasingly difficult for people to protect themselves. 

In some cases, the impact of a cyber attack can be devastating, as we’ve seen in the recent rise of ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure like the food supply chain, hospitals, and schools.

But what about vulnerable people? 

Consider a common real-world example. 

An elderly neighbor of yours falls victim to a phishing scam. The cybercriminal impersonates a legitimate company, like the victim’s bank, and tricks them into providing their personal information. 

Your unsuspecting neighbor provides their social security number and credit card information. The cyber scammer then uses this information to steal the neighbor’s identity, money, or both.

Identity theft can have lingering effects that can last a lifetime.

So How and Why Should You Immediately Respond to a Cyber Emergency?

As we’ve discussed, the impact of cyber threats can be drastic and long-lasting. The ability to respond quickly and decisively is critical. 

Just like any emergency, time is crucial when dealing with cyber attacks. An immediate response, with industry-tested technology and tactics, will go a long way to interdict the threat, prevent further damage, and mitigate the impact.

What Actions Should People and Business Owners Take to Respond to a Cyber Emergency or a Suspected Cyber Attack?

When responding to a cyber emergency, it’s important to remain calm and focused. Your primary goal is to minimize the impact of the attack and prevent further damage. 

Here are several simple steps you can take:

  • Identify the type of attack: Understanding the type of attack can help you determine the appropriate response.
  • Isolate the affected system: Disconnect the affected system from the internet and any other networks to prevent the attack from spreading.
  • Contact your Cyber 911 provider if you have one: Contact your local Cyber 911 provider for immediate help. They’ll give you the guidance you need on next steps.
  • Document the incident: Record all details of the incident, including the time of the attack, the type of attack, and any actions taken.

If you don’t have a local Cyber 911 provider, get in touch with the team at Sentinel Forge Technologies today.

But Is There a Cyber 911?

The short answer is yes. 

Sentinel Forge’s Cyber 911 service provides a lifeline for those in need of immediate cyber expertise and assistance. The Cyber 911 service comprises IT professionals, like you, who are trained to respond to their neighbors’ cyber emergencies. 

Cyber 911 providers are local, so they can respond to emergencies within minutes.

When you become a Cyber 911 provider, you become a digital lifeline for your community. You can help protect homes, businesses, and agricultural supply chains from the devastating effects of cyber attacks. 

As a Cyber 911 provider, you’ll respond to emergencies with empathy, understanding, and time-tested solutions that work.

Where Can You Go for More Info on Becoming a Cyber 911?

That’s the easy part, you’re already here.

Becoming a Cyber 911 provider is a great way to give back to your community and help your neighbors protect themselves against cyber threats. 
Are you interested in hearing more about becoming a local Cyber 911 provider? Call us at  (443) 991-8280, or get in touch with us online today!

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