The Ultimate Cyber Security Solutions

Sentinel Forge Technologies Brings the Hammer Down on Cyber Crimes

Our Sentinel Box is the ultimate cybersecurity solution, catching cyber criminals red handed before they can access your computer(s).

Have you had your identity stolen?
Tired of scary emails?

Who does the Sentinel Box protect?





But I already have...

spam filter icon in a circle

Spam filters.

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Antivirus software.

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The best computer money can buy.

Do I really need the Sentinel Box too?

Circled Yes

Cyber criminals are always trying to find ways to hack into the latest technology. With the Sentinel Box, you add another level of defense…before anything gets into your system.

What are the benefits of using the Sentinel Box?

Sentinel Box by Sentinel Forge Technologies

The Sentinel Box is...

Always learning and evolving protective measures.

Always aware of the latest cybercrime techniques.

Always proactively providing solutions and constant monitoring.

With the Sentinel Box, you are ALWAYS protected.

Secure your business & protect yourself against cyber threats.
Guard your data now with the Sentinel Box.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Customize your box to meet your device’s needs.


Connect your box to your computer network.



Turn your sentinels on to divert crime and protect your digital property.

How the Sentinel Box Came into Existence

Man helps grandmother with laptop

Colin Hamill is a Senior IT Solutions Architect & Ransomware Specialist. Having developed complex IT solutions for various large corporations, he realized that protection for the masses from cyber criminals was sorely lacking. His experience in working to help his own parents become protected, spawned his idea for the Sentinel Box.

His creation makes cyber security easy and attainable for individuals and companies with any technical skill level.

The Cyber Hammer

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